If you're using Internet Explorer, chances are that when you print/export a sales disclosure form for printing, the file download is blocked. This requires you to allow the download, then print/export the sale again before you are prompted to open/save the Adobe Acrobat pdf of the sales disclosure form.

One way of eliminating this redundancy is to add to your 'Trusted Sites' and change the security of the zone 'Trusted Sites' to allow for automatic downloads.

First, add to your trusted sites zone by:

SalesDisclosuresOnline.Com has now been added to your list of trusted sites.

The next step is to allow for sites in your trusted zone to unblock automatic downloads.

If you've followed the above instructions, the 'Internet Options' window should still be open and you should still have the 'Trusted Sites' option selected in the 'Advanced' Tab. If not, follow the above instructions up to and including the selecting of the 'Trusted Sites' zone.

To allow for automatic downloads:

Now when a sales disclosure form is printed from Internet Explorer, you should not have to 'Export' the file twice.